Very little computer skills needed

Working with ABS Monitor is simple, intuitive, with a very small learning curve. It does not require advanced knowledge or skills. The tool drives you to work in a very simple way, based on animal data

Does not require internet connection at the farm

The basic data is entered in the offline module, which can be installed on any computer, with or without internet access. When ready, export the data and load it online using a computer with internet access. You are now ready to generate management lists, charts and benchmark indexes

Quick update

ABS Monitor helps you during the information update process, so you don´t waste time and don´t leave anything behind.

ABS Monitor

What is ABS Monitor ?

ABS Monitor is a dairy cattle breeding monitoring service that ABS provides to its customers in order to maximize the production of pregnancies, which ensures the profitability of your dairy business.

The system offers you fast and simple reproductive analysis

It is has two main parts:

  • Offline: Farm reproductive data entry
  • Online: Data analysis, report generation, lists, charts, online consultancy and benchmarking

ABS Monitor reports, lists and charts are clear and easy to understand, so you can make the right decisions to get the best results.

It is developed by ABS in Brazil, so the herd manager has all relevant information to help in making quick and accurate decisions.

  • Remote Reproductive Consultancy
  • Questions About the Tool
  • Action Plans
  • Report Delivery

ABS Monitor screenshots

See how ABS Monitor works


Pregnancy Confirmations

ABSM Offline


Distr. de DEL por 1º Serviço

Pregnancy Inventory

Weekly Services

Montly Conception Rate

Distribution of Days to Pregnancy Diagnosis

Fresh Cows

Breeding List

Open Cows

Pregnancy Diagnosis and Confirmation

Dry Off List

Calving List


Some Benefits

Decisions based on facts and data for today’s herd management


Spend less time making reproductive management decisions, simplifying your operation.


When loading the updates of your herd, they are safe on our server. Easy retrieval of uploaded herd information.

Increased Profitability

Decisions based on comparative and zootechnical performance indexes to increase profitability

Quick understanding

Easy to interpret tables, charts and reports. Highly usable information, Check it out!

Ask the Expert

Technical Assistance always available with reproduction experts


Periodic reports prepared by experienced and skilfull reproduction technicians

What is in ABS Monitor ?

It has everything you need to have a simple and complete routine for you to manage your herd. Just follow the recommendations in your cow lists. Then monitor your charts and watch as your indexes improve. The Benchmark values allow you to evaluate your results, comparing with averages of other application users.


  • Herdbook
  • Cow Card
  • Fresh Cows
  • Breeding List
  • Inseminated Animals
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis and Confirmation
  • Pregnant Animals
  • Dry Off List
  • Calving List
  • Open Cows
  • Embryo Donors
  • Inseminations
  • GMS Data
  • Chalk / RMS
  • Milk Production


  • Distribution of DIM at 1st Service
  • Weekly Services
  • Pregnancy Inventory
  • Pregnancies Distribution by DIM
  • Distribution of Days to Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Breeding Interval
  • Days to Re-Enrollment
  • Conception Rate by DIM
  • Conception Rate by Service #
  • Montly Conception Rate
  • Conception Rate by Technician
  • Conception Rate by Type of Service
  • Conception Rate by Breeding Interval
  • Conception Rate by Sire
  • Cullings by Reason
  • Submission Risk and Pregnancy Risk by DIM
  • Monthly Milking Cows Flow


Benchmark is an evaluation that compares your indexes with other accounts' average, according to several different levels, from all over the globe to your neighborhood group

  • Global
  • Country
  • State
  • Groups

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This code is an offer from ABS to its customers, so they have access to a unique reproductive monitoring service. You only need to complete the form and enter the code in the appropriate field to receive an account and start the trial period.

Yes, you can. When completing the form, leave the code field blank, and you will be able to request an account. Our staff will be in contact with you to ensure your participation as an ABS Monitor user.

After validation of your account information, you will receive a link where you can download and install the ABS Monitor offline module. On that same page, there is a video tutorial that will help you install and start using the application.

Yes, if your program is able to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet, ABS Monitor is able to import your data. The same happens if you use Excel to control your herd. On the downloads page, you can download the template model Excel file to import data into ABS Monitor.

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